Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fiber Optic Ceiling

A few days prior to writing this BJ tells me we are going to be putting a fiber optic ceiling into the movie theater addition were working on. Imagine in your room you look up at the ceiling and it looks like there were stars in the sky. After doing some research on this particular system it starts to look interesting. I have seen pictures of these systems before but never knew how they worked or installed. Little did I know drilling 300 little tiny holes into drywall would be fun, than fishing the lights through the drywall which was similar to fishing line. After about an hour of drilling holes in the drywall, a day full of putting the tiny lights in the drywall my part was done……so far. Next comes the drywall finishing, the drywall should be put on as if it were a regular ceiling, which after the mud is put on I need to go through and pick all the strings out(sounds fun!). Now paint, similar to the drywall the paint need to go on than pick the fiber optic lights out. Last, cut the fiber optic lights as close to the drywall as possible. This system can require a lot of work and time but will be worth the wait.

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