Monday, September 12, 2011

That's Interesting

I have maintained an active real estate license for about 17 years.  I have also been responsible for the design and construction of new homes for about 17 years.  I love my job, really!   There is nothing else on this planet that I can imagine ejoying quite so much.  I had an experience this weekend that reminded me of how fun it is.

We recently completed a new model home at 3540 Tahoe Blvd in Trails on Sunset Lake subdivision, Normal IL.  This is fun because it is like an unveling.  This is a project that we began planning last year.  We planned the floorplan (from scratch because I am tired of seeing the same old stuff all the time), the structural details, the exterior colors, the floor coverings...basically, all of the things that you have to plan to build a new home.

This is the exciting part.  Our first open house was last weekend.  Now, I have a fair amount of experience with open houses, so I do have fun with them.  I must admit, however, that a "first" for a new plan with new ideas, makes me a little nervous.  Our "new" ideas are a little progressive for the Bloomington/Normal real estate market, so for this one, I was a little more nervous than normal. (If you are wondering what "new" looks like you will have to check out the photos.  You can see them here: 3542 Tahoe.)    One of our open housians on Saturday made a comment to her companion "that's interesting." I couldn't help myself, I had to ask, so I said "is interesting good or bad"?  I think she was a little surprised, maybe embarassed, but I was truly curious.  You see, we used tigerwood flooring for the hardwood selection.  It is, sadly, labeled "interesting" in Blo-No.  Actually this open housian liked it, she was simply trying to understand why anyone would still use oak when they could have tigerwood.  I have to agree.

After a long weekend, our traffic was great and the response to our "new" ideas was overwhelmingly positive. I have decided to stop trying "new" things and focus more on the "interesting."  It is way more fun!

PS - I love honest and candid comments at open houses

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