Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Favorite Room

Last week we met with a couple to plan the designs of their future home. In order to accurately capture their vision, we began by discussing their favorite rooms in a house. This helps the client to articulate their ideas and for us to pinpoint the important aspects to include in their home design.

I started to think about it, and we all have that one room in the house that we LOVE. It is different for everyone, but personally, the room that can make or break me is the kitchen. I have a vision in my mind for my dream kitchen, and it would be wonderful to see this kitchen materialize. At BJ Armstrong Custom Homes, we would love the opportunity to make your dream home come to life!

So my question for you is, which room is the most important? Let us create your dream room, in immense detail, and design a house around it. We look forward to building a home that you will love in, laugh in, and live in.

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