Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Construction Tech

New technology for the home is one of my favorite things about the new construction business. In the twelve years I have been building, dramatic changes have occurred in home audio, video and home automation. The iPod itself didn't even exist until 2001. My Sony Walkman can attest to that.

While some of the home technology options are incredibly cool, they are so expensive that nobody is willing to spend the money on them. Others are much more affordable. One of those is the Sonos Wireless Home Music System. Instead of using wires in the walls to hook up speakers and controllers, it simply uses Sonos hardware and your wireless router to send music to individual speakers. Those speakers can be moved anywhere in the home. It's a nice option for homeowners and gives them much more flexibility to move the speakers around the home and take the whole system with them if they move. The system can be as extensive (and expensive) as needed, or very simple. And instead of using an expensive controller, you control the system with a cell phone or tablet. Sonos offers free apps for the iPhone, iPod, iPad, Droid, etc. It's all very simple to install and use, and the sound is great. You can play any music on your computer whether it's from iTunes, Pandora, Slacker, TuneIn Radio, Spotify (also a very cool product), or many, many more.

We still pre-wire our homes for distributed audio and will continue to do so partly to accomodate future products. It is a relatively small expense and doing so gives homeowners the most flexibility. Sonos however is a nice alternative. I heard about if from Dustin LaFond and our friends over at Impressive Home Theater. While I get nothing out of talking about Sonos (unless someone over there wants to send me some gear), I just thought I would mention a great new product. Check them out at

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