Monday, January 23, 2012

Movie Theater

This is the latest update to our movie theater room
addition. This room started out as a fishing garage and spent most of its life like that. When we took this room over we started by building the floor than followed by the drywall and trim work. The fiber optic lighting was the next step and was one of the coolest processes, which we have blogged previously about. This step took the longest and was way worth it in the long run. After the construction and the mess, Impressive Home theater came in and did what they do best… and video. Impressive installed a 135 inch 3D projection screen TV, than we installed chairs that seat eight people. These chairs themselves are very neat, They have a blue LED lights under the chairs and they recline with the push of a button. The last thing that we did was install a blue LED rope light that’s surrounds the ceiling. All the time and hard work we put into this room paid off, it looks great and was a great project to be on.

Friday, January 6, 2012

BJA Custom Homes Begins Exciting Renovation

BJ Armstrong Custom Homes recently began renovating a historical Bloomington home. The home, built in 1900, is the childhood home to former Illinois Governor and presidential candidate, Adlai Stevenson II.

Of course, it has been quite some time since the Stevenson family has occupied the home. Through all these years, the home has started to show it's age. That is why the new homeowners came to us. They wanted to renovate (not remodel) a few rooms in the house while maintaining the historical integrity and character of the home.

This created a unique and exciting opportunity for us. One where the tiniest details make a world of difference. We collaborated with the homeowners and devised a plan that would suit them as well as the historic home. This plan included renovating the kitchen as well as the home's three bathrooms.

Here is a photo of the existing kitchen alongside a rendering I developed of what the kitchen will look like:

Part of the design plans included items the homeowners were able to salvage from local buildings: cabinets that will be revamped as the kitchen island and a marble sink that will be go in one of the bathrooms. Other items to be considered were repairing damaged plaster, refurbishing the existing trim moldings, even refinishing the 100 year old service bells in the kitchen, bringing them back to their original shine!

I must say that this has been a fun, exhilarating project for me to work on. I feel like we have risen to the occasion and can't wait to see the house once the renovation is complete! Look out for future blog posts with final pictures!