Monday, April 9, 2012

Latest Trends In Custom Home Building

Now that I got your attention, I actually wanted to take a minute to talk about BuilderTrend, our online construction management software. If you read our last blog post,, you know that we recently began construction on a beautiful new home at Lake Bloomington. For the first time, our homeowners actually left the country shortly after excavation began. They went to New Zealand for a couple of weeks to visit their newborn grandchild.

We know tha
t building a new home can be frantic enough at times, let alone when you are on the opposite side of the planet! Well, with BuilderTrend, our homeowners can log in to their own personal website at any point throughout the day to check progress, review the construction calendar, look at photos, even review change orders.

Obviously, this has been greatly beneficial to these particular homeowners, logging in daily to check out new photos and look at the construction calendar so they can see what progress has been made to their home....all while they are thousands of miles away from the site. The homeowners actually sent us a message just a few days into the trip, it read: "Thanks for the pictures. It is not like being there but it is great to see the progress."

It's great to get this feedback, but really we see the software as just a tool we use. It's our people and our commitment to making sure that our customers know each day exactly what is going on with their new home, good and bad, that makes the difference. We stand beside you through the whole project to ensure that it is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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