Thursday, January 8, 2015

A New & Modern Trend In Bathroom Design

By: Bryan Bornder 
One of the most common design trends I've seen emerge over the past 12 months is omitting the whirpool or soaker tub in the master bathroom.  
Most homeowners who have a tub in their home are admitting they only use them a few times a year.  In response to this admission, we've been consulting our clients on other options that might fit their lifestyle and needs better such as designing a large, custom shower in the master bathroom in place of the tub.   
These gloriously large, oversized showers may include a full tile surround, multiple shower heads and/or jets, and beautiful glass shower doors.  After all, why spend the money on something you will only use a few times a year, when you can put that money into a large, luxurious custom shower that you will use daily?  If you're considering building a new home, or find yourself staring at an outdated bathroom that no longer serves your needs, contact us to further discuss your home dreams!  For more on the most recent bathroom trends, click here to visit the National Association of Home Builder's (NAHB) website to discover even more design trends.  

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